We are Burrow

We believe the process of getting a mortgage should be simple and delightfully digital. It should be fast, transparent, low-cost and online. Burrow’s mission is to make that happen.

“The Mortgage Report embraces the idea of a market of one”

The UK mortgage market is worth over £250 billion a year and the housing market is a hugely important part of our society and economy. Yet the process of getting a mortgage - the biggest purchase we make, is still a painfully face-to-face, offline, paper-based process.

That’s why Burrow is re-engineering the mortgage process from the ground up. We’re using technology to make it faster and frustration-free, and humans to make it friendly and personable.

The Burrow team

We’re Burrow - a small passionate team of engineers, mortgage geeks, company builders and designers, learning from each other to break the norm and make mortgages easy.

Our Technology

Our technology is designed to deliver convenience and personalisation.

We use state of the art aggregation techniques and integrations with lender systems to produce accurate affordability figures that are updated in real time. Our eligibility system uses a standardised data model to ingest and structure reams of lender criteria information to offer the most reliable automated mortgage eligibility verification on the market. Our product selection engine suggests mortgage products using big data methods for lifestyle and life situation profiling, rates and pricing analysis combined with econometrics.

Digitised KYC/AML checks, bank statement, credit file and payslip submission offer a convenient application process.

“a mortgage should be simple and delightfully digital”

Our Investors

Passion Capital
Prolific venture capital fund with deep experience in FinTech and PropTech. They are the investors behind some of the UK’s leading tech companies such as Monzo, Tide and Nested.
Barnaby Cardwell
Entrepreneur, proprietary futures trader and angel investor.
Chris Adelsbach
Entrepreneur, business mentor and angel investor. He is Managing Director of Barclays Techstars, a FinTech Accelerator in London.
Nick Archer
Previously a partner at CVC Capital Partners, now retired.

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If you have a question and would like to chat with a broker, please schedule a call with one of our experts.

Founder & CEO
Pradeep Raman
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